NM Newsletter #4 - 2023/6/26
Thar be events on the horizon! This week we’ve got the 4th of July (fireworks will be visible from NM) and a community meeting on wednesday.
# Blunessence
Bluessence is a women led dreampop band that's gonna come play at Night Market on the 13th. Here’s a sample of their music: https://youtu.be/JeSYx7Ps0E4.
The only issue is that we don’t have outlets available, so we need a battery pack or something similar for the bassist. They also requested a PA system with a microphone is possible. We will see what we can do! Please reach out if you can help.
# Other Event Ideas
But, theres a lot more events we’d like to do!
Here are some ideas: an art night, game night or music night.
What are some event that you think would be fun? If you feel the insperation, please come host and event.