NM Newsletter #3 - 2023/6/19
The storage has been a huge hit! It’s allowed us to have lights every night this week, and four out of five days have even managed to turn into impromptu dance nights.
This food has also been flowing abundantly. A UC Davic dietary study gave us their left over bags of frozen meals that they used to ensure consistency. Four hundred pounds in total!
The farmers market was also plentiful. It’s prime cherry season, and the number of boxes we were given reflect that. For next week we definitely need to bring a cart. Bags to make sure the juices don’t get everywhere would probably be a good idea as well.
Dining commons is gonna be back for the summer! The Food Recovery Network, a student organization, used to pick up Dining commons food on Mondays and Fridays, but will not be switching over to Thursdays. There will also be a reduced quantity due to only one dining hall being open.
Till next week night marketers!