NM Newsletter #2 - 2023/6/12
The big news this week is we now have permanent, easy to access storage! Phi Delta, the fraternity across the street, has agreed to help us host it.
Here’s what we’d like to keep stocked in it starting now:
- Boxes
- Bag of bags
- Cleaning supplies (organic/natural spray sanitizer and rags, gloves)
- Serving utensils
- Eating utensils (forks just keep appearing somehow)
- Lights (currently just flashlights on arm fixtures)
- Pens
- And much more
This marks a big step in the right direction for Night Market by simplifying logistics and decreasing the barrier of entry for people to become night captain or other more involved roles. Previously if you wanted to be responsible for a night, you had to make sure all needed supplies made it to the Market and then back with you. It should also help provide a more consistent experience for those coming by making sure each night all at least has a certain baseline of “stuff”.
So what's left to do?
For more immediate next steps we want to add laminated instruction sheets with instructions on how to clean the equipment to make sure that happens. This can also be extended even more to include helpful advice for onboarding, pages with useful qr codes and any other information we would like to have easily on hand during the night.
There's also the question of lights. Charging immediately comes to mind. We’re planning to get solar panels attached to the box so that the lights can be charged easily. We also want more festive lights on top of the practical ones. Maybe the boxes could even light up themselves?
Then thinking more long term we want to get a storage bike cart built and might potential be able to get some space in the bike museum some day.