NM Newsletter #1 - 2023/6/5
Welcome to the inaugural weekly Night Market newsletter! This is an experiment to see if we would be interested in having a newsletter and if so, what kinda stuff would people be interested in hearing about. So, if you have ideas, suggestions, or want to help, please reach out!
School is getting out, and summer is starting in earnest!
This comes with it's challenges
- No more dining commons or coho after next week :(
- Many of our volunteers are leaving for the summer, or some even for good (farewell Emmet, you will be missed)
But with challenge comes opportunity. The pleasant summer evenings are already bringing in new people eager to step in. And with more time on our hands, what new restaurants could we bring in?
And as if that's not enough opportunity, here's a quick tour of other fun stuff coming up:
- We received a hydroponics tower and are deciding what to do with it!
- There's gonna be some permanent storage for the Night Market at the frat across the street coming soon.
- Cal poly San Luis Obispo students are planing on opeing their own Night Market. See how.
Caspian's polls
Caspian ran two polls earlier this week on increasing meeting turn out and experiences with conflict at Night Market. (It's not too late if you haven't responded yet!)
Here's what they've uncovered so far: for the safety one, people definitely want more lights and more people at the market and for the meeting one, it seems like most people can come to discord meetings on the weekends, but we need to advertise them better.